Bass Boat Carpet Replacement – How To – Part II – Storage Compartment Lids

Part 2 of how to re-carpet your boat. This video covers the storage compartment lids and gives detailed instructions on how to re-carpet them. Our project was on a Stratos 21SS Extreme with new marine carpet from Click here for the full tutorial article:


sewkingwet dit :

slowest and not a good « product » use DAP bandeau top and train high temp contact adhesive. sprays on and sticks the best. cuts time to a tenth of what your doing, no clamping and no bs. cant believe people do this, I have had an upholstery business for 12 years and only use this contact cement for everything!!!!! DIY blunders….

John Sage dit :

The video is great…..I have an Tracker Pro Team 175 (Aluminum). I couldn’t find the adhesive you used. I went to but, no luck….is the adhesive you used solvent based? I understand that it is warm water/soap cleanup but, I read where the adhesive must be solvent based if used on aluminum…Thanks

henry r dit :

very informative video. I redid the wood and carpet on my 98 basstracker and I also got the carpet from I have a video on here « basstracker 98 » is that the water based glue?

Ronald Miller dit :

Beautiful job in the process of removing old carpet and replacing with new. Some of the carpet is over marine board, is it best to treat the wood prior to carpet and if so what do I use. Thanks Northwoods Ron

Corey Ruth dit :

What’s best way to remove old carpet and I’m thinking of doing mine in a bed liner style be quicker easier and think it will last longer

Corey Ruth dit :

What’s best way to remove old carpet and I’m thinking of doing mine in a bed liner style be quicker easier and think it will last longer

Romelia Polly dit :

I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Woodprix website and I’m ready for do it 😀

Steven Clark dit :

question….I have 2 support boards for the transom seats and I will be sanding, sealing with fiberglass and resin, glue on carpet and final is add top and side molding. Now, I saw 96″ lengths of angle carpet molding which will work but I’m not sure how to bend the corners (rounded on my boards) using the stainless steel molding. Do I do a notch? Head up the molding with a heat gun? What is the best way to bend the molding around the outside of my boards?????

Lance Bradley dit :

DO NOT use acetone on fiberglass.

henry r dit : I meant

Romaine Athey dit :

if you want to know how to make it yourself, just go to Woodprix webpage. There you’ll find your answers 🙂

Colby Pearson dit :

Was curious about your thoughts on that glue at this point in time? How has it held up? I will be recarpeting my 20’6′ Astro this spring and have been looking for a reliable glue.

brennon owens dit :

what oz carpet did you use

Bassin_ Jake dit :

Okay this makes me cringe, for one what made me click on this video was the fact in the picture he has the carpet direction going the wrong way, it should all be going the same direction or it will look like two different colors.
Also I would never use a trowel or brush on contact adhesive, you can never get a good even coating and it is hard to put on the lid and the carpet (like a contact adhesive is supposed to be) I always use a spray glue out of a paint gun. The glue is more expensive but it makes for a better product and a lot faster process (I could have wrapped every lid in that boat in the time it took for that one lid to be ready)
Just made me smh…

Travis Lance dit :

Is the glue pliable enough to use a cheap paint brush to apply glue?

GregK9 dit :

Is there a part 3??

6chicolin9 dit :

Can i use dry soapy water?

Shantel Guetgen dit :

so i made it too . just by using woodprix woodworking plans 🙂

2020skimboarder dit :

1 quart of carpet adhesive for $5 did my 12′ john boat

Aaron Lyons dit :

Curious. Is the trowel laying on the table throughout the video what you’re referring to when you mentioned that the 1/16″ notched trowel « left too much product on the panel »?

Buba Loui dit :

Rookie. Trowel on glue id junk, templates are lame and one rear lid has the grain going the wrong way. I can tell by the color of it, and claps, who uses clamps? Get some spray on weld wood, get it warm, get the carpet warm and get the lids warm, like 75-110 degrees. This way it’s instant, no clamps.

MGT dit :

New drinking game, every time he says « product » take a shot

BubaJ1000 dit :

1. that glue sucks, it will crystalize and turn to shit. Birdsong or weld wood sprayable.
2. Rookies use a pre cut piece of carpet.
3. your corners suck, in time the metal will start to show through, like a year or less.
4. A clamp???????REALLY????????? glue like weldwood is INSTANT!!!!!. NO BULLSHIT CLAMPS!!!
4. Look at the thumb nail for the vid, one lid has the grain going the wrong WAY!!!!

Noble Fishing dit :

To much talking

charlie patton dit :

Use any contact glue,use masking tape to mark holeson hinge side use 3 in.brush for glue paint lid an carpet let get tackey an carpet make sure carpet nap is running in right direction geter done

George Lockwood dit :

ive noticed that you have a notch trowel on the counter looks to me that you have a 3/8 notch that’s why you have it seeping through the carpet , that’s because it leaving way to much glue on it …. lol …  your best bet is to use a 1/16 notch it will leave an even coat unlike the marjan trowel your using . if you let the glue set and get tacky you will not need clamps to hold it ……

Chavira Wiser dit :

I made similar with woodprix instructions 🙂

Vincent Dsnt dit :

There is another way to do this too.

thetrollbot2000 dit :

Damn man what are you making a cake haha

Andrew Garner dit :

Does glue come with order?

North Charleston dit :

The hard part I am dealing with is getting the locking lid handles that attach to the seal and nut to match up. With the new thicker 16oz carpet, there is not any thread to reach out and catch the nut even after tapping, pressing both sides together. The seals are thick and allow no exposed thread. I will have to melt/sand them to thin them down. dit :

20 oz.

Tomeka Pompey dit :

This time I’ll use WoodPrix instructions to make it myself 🙂

1984sFinest dit :

Dude… they have rollers just for this that are dirt cheap and make everything easier.

Vicki Hale dit :

Hey b your a jerk

mark h dit :

one thing that may help people get an even layer of adhesive… it mentions to apply with a 1/16″ notched trowel. the purpose of the notched trowel is to make it easier to lay down the correct amount in an even, consistent layer so you don’t get any clumping under the carpet or bleeding thru.

Carlos Perpétuo dit :

Hey Grant, great instructional video. What material is the lid made of, is it aluminium or normal sheet metal and what is the material thickness?….what are the lid´s  dimensions : length, width and height?

Pop Pop Builds dit :

Good video but you babbel way too much

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