Marmoleum Click – Installation guide

See how easy it is to install our new Marmoleum Click collection using the Välinge 5G locking system.


Jason McGrody dit :

Probably the suggestion not to use linoleum in the bathroom is that it doesn’t like being wet for an extended period of time.

TheCrookedMoose dit :

I want to install this in a small bathroom…..approximately 27 sq ft. Having chemical sensitivities, I was glad to find marmoleum that doesn’t need any glue. Now I read in the instruction online that the click version should not be used in bathrooms. 🙁 Any reason why I shouldn’t? I thought it is supposed to be good anywhere.

Jack Fabisz dit :

Big BS, very hard to instal, only on this video everything goes smooth,hahahahaha

dee spag dit :

not easy to install as this video shows

mensch99 dit :

This is NOT the product I purchased in the US. It does not click as shown here and is MUCH harder to install than indicated. Instead of « click » it should be called « wedge, balance, smash, pray, swear »

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